Our Network

Centers in the West Virginia Independence Network share the mission of helping West Virginians with disabilities be productive, valued members of their community.

Why WIN?

We Work For Us

Staffed largely by people living independently with disabilities, the mission of our organization is to customize and carry out plans of action with the ultimate goal being self-sufficient.

Empowering Consumers

WIN’s Centers are in many cases the only comprehensive solution to many individuals that will actively pursue self-sufficiency and social inclusion, while avoiding the need for costly ongoing care or assisted living.

Leading The Charge

West Virginia Independence Network is leading the statewide independent living movement through it’s network of Consumer-Driven Centers and partnerships with government agencies.

Speaking For An Unheard Minority

Every West Virginian will experience a disability of some sort in their lifetime. With an aging state population, the number of people with additional access and care needs will continue to increase.

Who We Are

What Is WV Independence Network?

WIN is a working committee made up of all management staff from the individual centers within the network.  See the full list of centers in the West Virginia Independence Network on the Find A Center page.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide peer support, assist with strategy, advocate for centers in our network, their consumers. WIN helps facilitate efforts, and maintain open lines of communication between organizations in the network.

Raising Awareness

The West Virginia Independence Network strives to increase awareness of our centers offerings to consumers, and their benefit to the communities in which they operate.

Neighbors Helping Neighbors

Like any organization working with limited funding, WIN centers lack the resources required to meet the needs of EVERY WV citizen living with a disability.  Your support directly helps WIN integrate people with disabilities fully into their communities.  Help us promote equal opportunities, self-determination, and respect for our fellow Mountaineers.

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